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About Us

Airspace Aviation Consultants LTD is a Canadian company based in Ontario-Canada with expertise in different aviation fields serving governmental and private organizations providing customers with needed solutions , advices identifying technical , safety and economical needs for airlines start up and developments as well upcoming aviation operations linked to it ( airport management – ground service handling – passengers handling ) or adjusting infield operations held by airports or aviation companies eliminating difficulties in both management and infield to let it meet international standards according to international civil aviation organization ( ICAO ), Federal aviation Administration (FAA) and International Air Transport association ( IATA ) regulations .

Over 30 years experience of our team in aviation industry .



Helping organizations and governments willing to establish new Airlines providing needed consultants From an "idea around the boardroom table" to feasibility study and on to full implementation making it a real project working fulfilling our customers aims and plans , choosing the right aircrafts , routes to start with putting business strategies for future work and shaping aviation operations to meet the needed requirements .Performance Upgrading for already working airlines by advising the right training courses .


Our company vision is to add long term value and optimize performance to benefit strategic investment in aviation industry Exploring new markets to generate growth Gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of our customers growing shareholder returns