Case Study on Irregularities Handling

Any airline company assumed to occurring of operational irregularities.
the airlines can't prevent the irregularities, but they can handle any irregularities to reach full passenger satisfaction

Flight Delaying Irregularities

A delay occurs when an aircraft due to one or more reasons of the mentioned below departs behind schedule from the station of origin, station en-route, or when the scheduled ground time is exceeded.

Overbooking is a type of irregularity due to the fact that a number of passengers cannot be travel on the flight due to overbooking.
This policy often corresponds by most airlines that follow this policy to cover the number of passengers who have a confirmed reservation on the flight but do not attend the airport to travel on their trip due to emergency circumstances

Here are two ways to handle this problem by airlines:

The first method is to open the check in counter for the flight, to accept the passengers who appear on the counters to finish their travel procedures, then to close the counters when the seats are full, and then to deal with the other passengers who are in front of the counters and have confirmed tickets (but they will not be able to travel due to The seats are full).
A wave of protests begins because passengers are told that they cannot travel without examining their circumstances in terms of the termination of their stay ( for foreigners ), the expiration of the period of admission to the country, or the loss of their connecting flights (handling by more than air craft or more than airline). An agent from the passenger service then comes to collect passenger’s tickets who have not been able to travel to re-issue their tickets to arrive at their final destination on the same day or the next day according to the available seats on the same airline, and their tickets can be transferred to other airlines.
These are just examples of the problems caused by the airline in the case of the implementation of the policy of (overbooking) and the way of how to handle the over booking, which cause great resentment of passengers leads to the company's financial loss and in addition the loss of good reputation for the airline because of the wrong treatment of the problem of Overbooking.
The second method is to study the list of passengers before opening the check in counters in sufficient time to choose the passengers who will be re-issued for their tickets (in terms of nationality and lack of connection) and those who will not be a problem as a result of changing their original flights on other flights.
Upon arrival at the counter (prior to the closing time), passengers are notified of the problem of over booking on the flight and apologized for this, with the appropriate compensation offered in accordance with the company's compensation policy. They were selected after study and their reissue was also is made to be delivered to their final destination either on the same day or the following day with hotel reservation provided at the expense of the airline when necessary.
From the above it is clear that most airlines face the same problem (over booking), but the difference lies in how the problem is handled by the airline.
There is a method of treatment that causes severe harm to the passenger as well as to the airline due to bad reputation and financial damage (as in the first way)
The second way will certainly result in a significant increase of the loyalty of these passengers to the airline and the consequent increase in the good reputation of the company to its customers and thus increase in the number of customers and thus achieve greater profits.

We will make you ready for any irregularities may occur and handle it as a normal issue