Ground Services

aircraft ground handling defines the servicing of an aircraft while it is on the ground and (usually) parked at a terminal gate of an airport.

What is ground handling services?

The ground service means all services provided at airports by specialized companies or establishments approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to receive and transport aircraft, passengers and cargo carried by aircraft, goods and mail, including unloading and loading, as well as supplying aircraft with drinks, foodstuffs and others starting from outside the airport buildings within a moving area. Aircraft and even boarding the aircraft prior to take-off. The equipment provided by these services shall comply with the approved civil aviation standards for each service. The ground service is divided into the following:

What are we meaning by ground service:

  • Direct the aircraft to locate the sites (extension) as well as stop the aircraft at the specified location and the development and removal of barriers to the wheels (Chocks) to complete the process of parking of the aircraft, and by ground service companies that provide full service and management guidance at the airport, which monitors the implementation of safety instructions (safety Professional) during the ground service of the aircraft.
  • Supply / operation of the ground power unit to provide the necessary electrical power for aircraft.
  • Provide motor management equipment (electric or pneumatic).
  • Pull and pay the plane.
  • Cleaning the plane from the outside and inside.
  • Dumping / cleaning / washing of jerrycans and refilling liquids.
  • Recharge the aircraft with drinking water.
  • Remove snow from the aircraft.
  • Provision of ground air conditioning.
  • Pull and tow equipment and devices.
  • Provision of equipment for the transport of passengers' luggage from the aircraft to the airport and vice versa.
  • Laying / removing passenger ladders according to the applicable standard specifications of the aircraft model.
  • Place / remove loading belts.
  • Development / removal of equipment for loading and unloading appropriate for aircraft model.

Ground services provided to the passenger:

  • Provide the necessary means of transport for the transportation of passengers to and from the aircraft and airport buildings.
  • Provision of equipment for the transport of sick, elderly and disabled persons who are leaving or coming
  • Provide the necessary means of transport for the transportation of senior visitors to and from the aircraft and airport buildings.

Catering Service Catering Service:

  • Food processing.
  • transportation / unloading / loading load of food supplies from / on the plane.
  • Washing / Cleaning of mobile catering equipment as well as aircraft.

Ground service for goods, mail and passenger baggage:

  • Processing of container and cargo trailers from the aircraft to the airport building or cargo complex and vice versa
  • Loading and unloading goods, mail and passenger baggage.
  • The processing of vehicles for the transport of special goods such as perishable materials, live animals, precious goods, news and dangerous goods and special shipments.

Aircraft refuelling service:

  • Fuelling the aircraft.
  • The removal of fuel from the aircraft.

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