Irregularities Handling

Any airline company assumed to occurring of operational irregularities.
the airlines can't prevent the irregularities, but they can handle any irregularities to reach full passenger satisfaction

Flight Delaying Irregularities

A delay occurs when an aircraft due to one or more reasons of the mentioned below departs behind schedule from the station of origin, station en-route, or when the scheduled ground time is exceeded.

  • Cancellation
  • Schedule Changes
  • Changes of a/c type.
  • Over flying schedule stops.
  • Misconnections
  • Diversions
  • Rerouting (including destination change), amalgamation, split.
  • Maintenance. (Technical or mechanical defects)

We will make you ready for any irregularities may occur and handle it as a normal issue

Also We will educate you about

  • Handling Principles.
  • Delay Known Before Check-In.
  • Delay Known Before Boarding.
  • Delay known after boarding.
  • Delay Report.


  • Major Irregularities
  • Handling Special Customers during irregularities.
  • Delay Messages.
  • Delay Advice and action.